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Social Event Packages 


Planning a Social event and looking for night lunch, check out our social packages.

1.  Cooked Ham - Garlic Sausage - Salami 

Mild Cheddar Cheese

Dill Pickles

Mayo & Mustard

Rye Bread


      3.95 per guest 


2. Black Forest Ham -Garlic Sausage-Salami
Mild Cheddar Cheese
Dill pickles
Rye bread & Assorted buns
Mayo & Mustard
      $4.95 per guest 



3. Old Fashion Ham -Garlic Sausage -Salami 
Open faced Egge Salads
Open faced Tuna Salad
Open faced Roastbeef 
Open faced Fajitas Chicken
Dill Pickles
Mild Cheddar & Marble Cheese
Mayo/Mustard/Bistro Sauce
$9.95 per guest


50 cents per guest for plattering. 
These prices are based on 100 guest or more, pick up only.
*prices subject to change*

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