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Tasty Sandwich
Tortillas and Grilled Chicken
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 Made Fresh for your order

Lunch Deli Wraps & Salad

Assorted Deli Wraps with your choice of Caesar salad or pasta salad


Taco Bar 

Make your own style Tacos, we send along all the toppings you need to make the perfect Beef tacos, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, green onions, both well cheddar, soft taco shells, salsa & Sour cream.

( minimum 6 guest,) $11.95 per guest

Perogy & Farmer Sausage

$11.95 per guest

Lunch size serving of potato cheddar perogies & farmer sausage served with sour cream.

Soup & Sandwich

 $10.95 per guest

fresh assorted deli sandwiches and homemade soup.

Chicken Penne Alfredo

$14.95 per guest

served with creamy caesar salad and garlic bread

Homestyle Lasagna  

$14.95 per guest

served with creamy caesar salad and garlic bread

BBQ Pulled Pork & Potato salad 

$13.95 per guest

tender pulled pork served with Steinbach's Favourite Potato salad. .

 Pulled Pork Tacos & Slaw 

$9.95 per guest

tender pulled pork served  on soft tacos with Raj's homestyle creamy coleslaw

Pizza & Salad

assortment of homestyle pizza's served with caesar salad

$9.95 per guest

Beef Enchiladas & Mexican Caesar Salad 

$11.95 per guest

Homestyle Beef Enchiladas served with Mexican caesar salad, salsa & sour cream.



Please allow 72 hours notice for lunch meeting orders.

*These are light lunch options.*

If your company requires individual packages due to covid, an additional packing fee is $1.50 per guest

*prices subject to change*




Veggies & Dip $3.50 per guest


Pickles & Cheese $3.95 per guest


Extra salad $3.95 per guest


Dinner roll $1.00 per guest


Side Vegetable $3.00 per guest


Canned Pop $1.00 each


Bottle water $1.50 each


Bottle Drinks $2.50 each


Coffee  $1.00 each

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