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Salads by the Gallon


 Made Fresh for your order

all of our salads are homemade and served in the deli daily

Homestyle Potato Salad $33.99


Coleslaw (creamy or marinated) $33.99


Homestyle Macaroni Salad $33.99


Dilly Veggie Pasta Salad $32.00

DILL Pickle Pasta $35

Russian Potato Salad $40


Five Bean Salad $30


Southwest Bean Salad $30


Broccoli Cheddar Bacon Salad $43.99


Fruit Salad $42.00


Greek Tortellini $42.00


Chineses Noodle Salad $42.00


Taco Salad Tray $48


Caesar Salad Tray $30


Greek Salad Tray $35



Please allow 48 hours notice for SALADS by the Gallon orders, otherwise you may be charged by the gram pricing.

* prices subject to change* 


Image by maryam jahanmehr
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