Light Lunch Ideas

Soup & Sandwich
$9.95 per guest

fresh assorted deli sandwiches and homemade soup.

Taco Bar
$10.95 per guest ( min 4 guest )

Make your own style Tacos, we send along all the toppings you need to make the perfect Taco. Beef tacos

Perogies & Farmer Sausage
$11.95 per guest

Lunch size serving of potato cheddar perogies & farmer sausage served with sour cream.

Sandwiches & Wraps
$9.95 per guest

Assorted sandwiches and wraps, with your choose of soup or salad

Chicken Penne Alfredo
$10.95 per guest

served with creamy caesar salad and breadsticks

BBQ Pulled Pork & Potato salad
$9.95 per guest

tender pulled pork served with Steinbach's Favourite Potato salad. .

Pitas & Salad
$9.95 per guest

grilled chicken pitas served with your choice of salad: caesar, greek, strawberry spinach or dilly pasta.

Beef Enchiladas & Mexican Caesar Salad
$9.95 per guest

Homestyle Beef Enchiladas served with Mexican caesar salad, salsa & sour cream.

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Veggies & Dip $1.50 per guest


Pickles & Cheese $1.50 per guest


Extra salad $2.50 per guest


Dinner roll .50 cents per guest


Side Vegetable $2.00 per guest



Light Dessert $1.50 per guest


Cookies .85 cents each


Brownies $2.49 per guest


Pumpkin or Banana Cake $2.49 per guest


Tarts  Chocolate, Coconut or Butter-tarts (2 per guest) $2.49 per guest


Pie Chocolate, Coconut cream, Rhubarb, Lemon, Cherry 

 (6 slices ) $10.95 per pie



Canned Pop $1.00 each


Bottle water $1.50 each


Bottle Drinks $2.50 each


Coffee  $1.00 each



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